Imagine, I Am!

Media Installation with sound, video and objects. Commissioned by the Zuckerman Museum of Art in 2017.

Imagine, I Am! is the result of research of the historical intersections of mediumistic practice and the techniques of audio and visual recording, exploring the private ways in which we use technology to commune with our dead. The degradation of analog media corresponds with the soft decay of human memory over time, whilst digital media is immutable and offers infinite recall and endless repeat, until a deliberate deletion or mechanical failure leads to complete and permanent erasure. The electronic devices and the organic technology of individual memory through which we memorialize our dead merge in a gestalt manifestation of collective loss.

Medium: Paranormal Field Recordings and Compositions, 1901-2017

Curated by artist Ben Coleman, ‘Medium: Paranormal Field Recordings and Compositions, 1901-2017’ brings together original works from musicians, composers, and other sonic artists who operate within the liminal spaces between art and the paranormal; from clairaudient musical psychics to researchers of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Also featured are compelling and previously unreleased field recordings from parapsychology archives in the US and Europe, including the infamous Enfield Poltergeist (1977-1979), and audio from a wax cylinder recording made in Siberia in 1901 that is considered by experts to be the very first EVP recording.

A comprehensive overview of the complex and shifting terrain covered by EVP ... will surely haunt the dreams of anyone who listens too closely -Ken Hollings, The Wire


Performance and sound work, commissioned by the High Museum of Art in 2015 as a reaction to the 'Los Trompos' interactive exhibit by Esrawe and Cadena. A game for performers, musicians and audience participants in an immersive sound environment.

"Zoetrope is a vibrant weaving of colorful noise, a 4-dimensional game with very few rules, played with sound-waves, silence and space. Zoetrope immersed participants in a sensory world that pirouetted around them, creating a playground for happy eyes and ears. Music, movement, and physics collide in a playful attempt to dazzle the senses, and have a lot of fun".

Photo credit: Abel Klainbaum.

No Vacancy: A Necessary void

A performance and sound work curated by Dashboard Co-op, created by Ben Coleman and Henry Detweiler during a residency with a difference: 3 uninterrupted weeks within a derelict building in downtown Atlanta that had formerly been a nightclub. No time was permitted outside the building, no phones or internet were allowed. On the last day of the third week, the doors opened, and the public were invited in.

Video by Dustin Chambers

The Music Box: Resonant Memory

Resonant Memory is the culmination of arts organization New Orleans Airlift's partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Goat Farm Arts Center and Moog Music. Airlift brought local Atlanta artists George Long and Justin Rabideau into collaboration with a group of Georgia Tech students, who worked with musical director and conductor Ben Coleman to create musical architecture.

Resonant Memory uniquely combines acoustic sounds with digital technology to create loops, play samples and generally burst forth with noise from its doors, windows, and kiosk-like wings. Resonant Memory debuted in performance at the Goat Farm Arts Center and Georgia Institute of Technology before moving back to New Orleans to become a part of Airlift's Roving Village Residencies.

Video by Arno Hunt Meyers.

Header image: 'Zoetrope' performance for the High Museum of Art. Photographer: David W. Batterman